Pinterest Pins by Sofia Invitations

I have a Pinterest account (doesn’t everyone now?).  It can be kind of addicting to look at other people’s pins, repin items, etc.  But I also find it really handy for inspiration in creating my designs.  I can discover new fonts, be inspired by different color combinations, see what’s trending…  Right now I am designing a visual display for my space at the Wedding 101 store in Greenville, South Carolina (opening at the end of January).  I have been using Pinterest to find fun inspiration for my display.  Please find me on Pinterest here and check out what I like!  Here is a little screen shot of my boards.


Pinterest Pins by Sofia Invitations

Woodsy Weddings Featured Item

Hello! My kraft paper escort cards were recently featured on the Woodsy Weddings blog.  Thanks for featuring my designs, Woodsy Weddings!  Go check out the blog post for other kraft paper items for your wedding or party.  You can purchase this item from me in the Sofia Invitations Etsy shop here.

Woodsy Weddings Featured Item

Sofia Invitations Featured in Town Magazine

I am so excited to announce that my die cut blossom save the date card has been featured in Town Magazine! The feature is about local stationery designers to the Greenville/Spartanburg Upstate South Carolina area.  Thank you Town!

You can purchase the design here.

See the article here: Town Magazine

My design is Number 4 (bottom left)

Sofia Invitations Featured in Town Magazine

Real Couples’ Wedding: Jacqueline Schmidt and David Friedlander

“Too often weddings are generic or become focused solely on the couple……But we are creative people, and our friends and family are the most important thing to both of us. We saw a real opportunity to do things differently, to express ourselves in the program and celebrate the talents of our community members.” -Jacqueline Schmidt

Jacqueline is an artist and David is the founder of Lucid Events in NYC. A unique and creative couple, it is only appropriate for the two to have an open invitation to their wedding with an event series included!  Sounds like a wonderful time! They are having an accupuncturist speak, a teepee tent for guests to renew their vows, and a stationery area where guests can write love letters.

You can read more information here:

Here is a picture of Jacqueline’s art, and the couple together:

Real Couples’ Wedding: Jacqueline Schmidt and David Friedlander

Red, Pink, and Yellow Inspiration

The color combination of red, pink, and yellow is bright and eye-catching.  Don’t be afraid to use touches of color like this in your wedding or party.

red pink yellow inspiration
red pink yellow inspiration by Sofia Invitations and Prints

1)      Cake:

2)      Gerber daisy bouquet:

3)      Clutch:

4)      Banner:

5)      Invitation:

6)      Save the date:

7)      Table setting:

8)      Necklace and earings:

9)      High heels:

10)   Pink dress:

11)   Sash:

Red, Pink, and Yellow Inspiration

Wedding Guest Book Posters

New items in my Etsy shop:  Wedding Guestbook Posters!  Have your wedding guests sign one of these beautiful posters to commemorate your wedding.  The poster size is 11 by 14 inches, recommended to be matted in a 16 by 20 frame… beautiful!  Customers can choose any of the designs for my invitations to be made into a custom poster.  Contact me for more details, and visit my Etsy page:

Tree Wedding Poster
Tree Wedding Poster by Sofia Invitations and Prints
Modern Floral Wedding Poster
Modern Floral Wedding Poster by Sofia Invitations and Prints
Bicycle Wedding Poster
Bicycle Wedding Poster by Sofia Invitations and Prints
Wedding Guest Book Posters

Inspiration Board: Art Nouveau

Art nouveau has always been one of my favorite art periods.  I love the rich colors and repeating patterns (I studied textile design, so how could I not love this period in time?).  So many artists made work during this period, and so many artists today are still inspired by this period that it is easy to find beautiful images to draw for inspiration.  Here is my inspiration board for art nouveau.  I am working on an art nouveau style invitation…to be seen later..

art nouveau inspiration
Art Nouveau inspiration board by Sofia Invitations and Prints
  1.  Black and White bookplate:  Katharine Newbury (American, 1878-1973).
  2.  4 Women:  Alphonse Mucha
  3. Stationary:  Dream Street Papers Art:
  4. 4.       Peacock poster:  Poster by Albert Angus Turbayne for Macmillan’s illustrated Standard Novels (1903).
  5. 5.       Necklace:  Mia De Rocca:
  6. 6.       Art Nouveau Ring: Marlene Harris:
  7. 7.       Wedding dress:
  8. Art nouveau cake:
  10. Art nouveau tin:
  11. Bracelet:
Inspiration Board: Art Nouveau

Vintage Inspiration: Stamps

Inspiration for a wedding theme, wedding invitations, or any stationary product can come from anything.  Vintage items of all sorts have great history, but also have beautiful designs.  Look at old postage stamps for inspiration….they have so many beautiful colors, compositions, and central imagery!  Take a look at these and think about how they could be applied to your wedding invitations or wedding theme.  Ask a wedding planner and a wedding invitation designer to help make your inspiration come to life.  All postage stamp images are courtesy of deposit photos:  www.deposit

vintage stamps
Vintage Stamps for Wedding Inspiration
Vintage Inspiration: Stamps

Etsy Accessories: Birds

Here is the first of a series I plan to expand on:  Accessory designs from Etsy sellers.  I think there are many fantastic shops on Etsy where brides can find wonderful things for their weddings (including my shop!)

For this first of this series, I am focusing on accessories with birds.

bird accessories
Accessories with a bird theme from Etsy shops
  1. Bird nest hair piece:
  2. Peacock earings:
  3. Bird clutch:
  4. Black feather vintage heels:
  5. Bird pocket mirror:
Etsy Accessories: Birds

Butterfly Inspiration

Happy Monday!  I collect butterflies (preserved species) and have always loved their beauty.  Here is an invitation I designed for a butterfly themed wedding, and a butterfly inspiration board that I hope gets you inspired for your wedding!  The invitation can be found here:

butterfly invitation
designed for butterfly lovers
butterfly inspiration board by Sofia Sayer

1)       Butterfly bouquet:  Martha Stewart Weddings

2)      Butterfly box:  Martha Stewart Weddings

3)      Ceramic dishes:

4)      Butterfly mobile:

5)      Butterfly veil:

6)      Butterfly necklace:

7)      Butterfly wedding cake

8)      Butterfly flower girl dress:

9)      Butterfly ring bearer pillow:

10)   Butterfly tags:

11)   Butterfly confetti:

Butterfly Inspiration