Katie Cotton of Cotton Rouge & Company


Katie Cotton of Cotton Rouge & Company is a local make up artist and photographer. She does fantastic work, and I couldn’t help but share. She recently did my makeup and took photos of me (see bottom left photo) to use as new head shots for my business, Sofia Invitations and Prints. If you are looking for a makeup artist for your wedding, event, or business….don’t hesitate to hire Katie.  I was so impressed with her professionalism, and I think the photos speak for themselves, she did an amazing job. Thank you Katie!

P.S. The “celebrate” sign was laser cut by our company, The Gilded Line. The calligraphy was by Linda Sung of 37th and Lettery, and photo by Lauren Curry of LC Photography.

We will talk about more local Upstate, SC vendors we love later!

Katie Cotton of Cotton Rouge & Company

New laser cut custom invitations

e&g_1We have been working hard to photograph our latest laser cut creations made for our wonderful customers this year. It is so awesome to see how each one turns out with the personalization requested from each customer. Here are just a few of our favorites. Visit our website here to see more, or contact us at sofia@sofiainvitations.com .



New laser cut custom invitations

The 5 Most Creative Wedding Invitation Designers We Love

We pride ourselves in making creative, original, and stunning wedding invitation designs here at Sofia Invitations and Prints.  Here are 5 other creative wedding invitation designers that we tip our hats off to.

Ladyfingers Letterpress


Ladyfingers specialize in hand lettering and letterpress printing.  They accept only 12 commissioned projects per year and have a minimum order of $5,000. Their work is one of a kind and completely artistic. They also sell off-beat cards, art prints, and other stationery projects.



Ceci New York


Ceci New York is based in New York City and specializes in creative, elegant, and original invitation designs. They welcome custom design work and have a team of creative designers. Ceci can letterpress, lasercut, foil print, create original watercolor art, and more.



Yonder Design


Yonder Design specializes in creating custom invitations using unique materials like amethyst, leather, hand painted acrylic, and more.



Just Write Studios


Founder, Jenny Muffler, has been a calligrapher for 13 years. Her husband, Rick Muffler, worked as a calligrapher to The White House for 35 years. They have an immense gallery of calligraphy styles to choose from for your wedding.


Nooney Art


Watercolor wedding invitations seem to be a trend that is not going away, and that is fine with us! We love the beauty of an original work of art. Wendy Nooney has been creating original watercolor art for wedding invitations since 2003, and has amazing reviews from her customers.


Contact one of these invitation designers today to see if they have availability to create your wedding invitations!

The 5 Most Creative Wedding Invitation Designers We Love

Custom Color Letterpress Printing

We get very busy with wedding invitation orders at this time of the year. I like to take a moment and look back at things we have made in the past (it’s been almost 7 years of business!). Here is a little collage of letterpress printing I have done for many different customers, each one in a different color for a completely different design. I will always love letterpress!


Custom Color Letterpress Printing

Purchasing Made in America Products

I recently discovered a Chinese company, Janice Paper, has been copying and re-selling my invitation designs without my permission. They are not using my designs for inspiration, instead they are completely copying and claiming the designs as their own. This is of course upsetting. Here is a picture of a design of mine from 2016 that Janice Paper copied and released for sale in February of 2017.


It’s pretty much exactly the same, right?

I could go on and on and on about how this upsets me and tell you more what I am doing about it. Instead I would like to take a moment to inform you why you should support a business like mine, instead of buying cheap Chinese products.

At first glance of Janice Paper’s website and facebook page, it may seem they are an American company. If you take the time to look closer, you will see they have an about page that explains about their factories in China. As a consumer, I urge you to do your homework. Why is this important? Because companies like this are not honest….they stole my work without my permission….this is not ok. If you purchase a product from them, you are are saying you are ok with stealing. This is ethically wrong, and I am sure you would be pretty upset if this happened to you.

Also, it is my belief that their products are not made as well as mine. And even more important, you will not get a high level of customer service from a company like Janice Paper, like you would from a small American company like mine, Sofia Invitations and Prints.

You are purchasing a product for your big day, your wedding day. Do you want a fantastically made product? Do you want a caring person making your product, a person that really cares about you and your big day? Well that’s me, not Janice Paper.

If you feel strongly about this matter, please use the power of social media and leave Janice Paper a poor review on Facebook. You can do this here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/JanicePaperArt/reviews/

I will continue to make unique, beautiful, expertly crafted designs for you.

Purchasing Made in America Products

Finding Wedding Inspiration on Instagram

Pinterest in an obvious place to find wedding inspiration.  But have you tried Instagram?

instagram If you are interested in finding the latest wedding trends, or just the coolest wedding ideas….Instagram is the perfect place to look because of it’s instant imagery. You can also get behind the scenes peaks into businesses that cater to the wedding industry, which can help you make a decision for who you decide to work with for your big day.  Try using search terms like:







Here are a few pics from our instagram accounts (@sofiainvitations @thegildedline @ppointcreates) and @weddingchicks




Finding Wedding Inspiration on Instagram

New Custom Letterpress Invitations

2017 has been pretty busy for our shop! Between working on fulfilling invitation orders for my customers, I have been creating, photographing, and putting new invitation designs up for sale on my Etsy shop, as well as updating my portfolio of work on my regular website. Here are a few invitation designs I recently photographed. Some are available today at http://www.sofiainvitations.etsy.com

Please contact me for questions about creating a custom invitation suite for your wedding or event. We specialize in letterpress printing and laser cutting.


New Custom Letterpress Invitations

Sofia Invitations at the Taylors Mill

Sofia Invitations and our parent company, Pinpoint Creative Studio, have been located at the Taylors Mill in Taylors, South Carolina for about 2 years now.  We absolutely love it here.untitled-1

As our businesses have grown we have moved in and out of 3 studios.  Our current studio is much larger and needs a lot of work, but allows us even more room to grow.  We will show you pictures when it is more complete.


We think the Taylors Mill is absolutely beautiful.  It is a diamond in the rough.  It has a wonderful community of like-minded artists, and the setting is inspirational for us. You can feel the history here, people working hard to create beautiful products since 1924 (when it was a cotton mill).  Even closer to heart for us, we have fine art backgrounds in textile design and illustration. Having our studio at the Taylors Mill just feels right to us. We welcome you to come check it out.


Sofia Invitations and Pinpoint Creative Studio are open by appointment only Monday – Friday during working hours, but you can drive over to the mill and enjoy the scenery any time. We also recommend checking out Due South Coffee.due_south_1

Sofia Invitations at the Taylors Mill

Wood Engraved Tags for Wedding Invitations

Another cool product we make….. custom laser cut and engraved wood tags!  We can design these for you, or you can give us your logo or artwork and we will engrave it on the tag for you. Email us directly with inquiries: sofia@sofiainvitations.com or visit this link to purchase: 


Wood Engraved Tags for Wedding Invitations

Custom Laser Cut Wedding Signs

Laser cut wedding signs are hot this year! And they are especially cool because you can hang them in your home after your wedding.

We sell custom laser cut signs that measure as large as 35 inches wide, and we have 14 different fonts available! Here are a few photos.  You can buy these at www.thegildedline.etsy.com


Custom Laser Cut Wedding Signs