Sofia Invitations at the Taylors Mill

Sofia Invitations and our parent company, Pinpoint Creative Studio, have been located at the Taylors Mill in Taylors, South Carolina for about 2 years now.  We absolutely love it here.untitled-1

As our businesses have grown we have moved in and out of 3 studios.  Our current studio is much larger and needs a lot of work, but allows us even more room to grow.  We will show you pictures when it is more complete.


We think the Taylors Mill is absolutely beautiful.  It is a diamond in the rough.  It has a wonderful community of like-minded artists, and the setting is inspirational for us. You can feel the history here, people working hard to create beautiful products since 1924 (when it was a cotton mill).  Even closer to heart for us, we have fine art backgrounds in textile design and illustration. Having our studio at the Taylors Mill just feels right to us. We welcome you to come check it out.


Sofia Invitations and Pinpoint Creative Studio are open by appointment only Monday – Friday during working hours, but you can drive over to the mill and enjoy the scenery any time. We also recommend checking out Due South Coffee.due_south_1

Sofia Invitations at the Taylors Mill

Custom Laser Cut Wedding Signs

Laser cut wedding signs are hot this year! And they are especially cool because you can hang them in your home after your wedding.

We sell custom laser cut signs that measure as large as 35 inches wide, and we have 14 different fonts available! Here are a few photos.  You can buy these at


Custom Laser Cut Wedding Signs

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations and Made in America Products

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The above design is available for purchase at

Laser cut wedding invitations are a hot trend in 2016.  Here at Sofia Invitations, we have been designing and making laser cut invitations for 3 years.  We have learned many things about this market, and hope to give you some advice for your consideration when purchasing a laser cut invitation (or any stationery items that are of value)

Let’s talk about “Made in America” products:



Let’s start off by acknowledging that your wedding day is a very important day to you.  You may have been thinking about this day for years, and possibly planning it for over one year.  And you probably realize that many things could go wrong with your wedding day, some of which you may take with a grain of salt (my wedding cake turned out awful, but we made a good laugh out of it).

Keeping this in mind, I do not recommend gambling on purchasing wedding invitations or other paper goods (such as laser cut favor boxes for example) from a country that does not speak your native language.  You never know what could go wrong with communication. You want to be sure you will receive your product on time, and you will get what you ordered!



I believe the best, most creative, top notch designs and craftsmanship will always be from our wonderful country, America.  We have the best designs schools here, and I am proud to say I graduated from one of them….Rhode Island School of Design


A MADE IN AMERICA company can give you THE BEST attention when ordering your products, especially for custom designs.  No one else can communicate with you and understand you better, than a company here in America.


And finally….. wouldn’t you prefer to support our country? Keep the jobs here.  By purchasing a product made in America, you are supporting an individual or family.  And we thank you for that!


Etsy has MANY sellers  that are not producing their products in America.  Do not be fooled by low prices.  Do your homework, and make sure you know where your invitations or other items are being made before you buy them.

We hope this little bit of information helps you when you are doing your research for wedding invitations, or other products for your special day!

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations and Made in America Products

New Calligraphy Letterpress Wedding Invitation Design

We have a new calligraphy style letterpress wedding invitation now available in our Etsy shop!

This design can be customized with your wedding colors and words. Please see details and information on pricing here.


New Calligraphy Letterpress Wedding Invitation Design

Ruffle Blog The Not Wedding Greenville

We were recently on Ruffled Blog for the letterpess invitation we designed for The Not Wedding in Greenville, South Carolina! It was really fun to participate! Greenville photographers Angela Cox and Mel Nocks did a fantastic job with our invitation! Pictures below.  This invitation can be customized with your wedding colors and words and can be purchased at and 


Ruffle Blog The Not Wedding Greenville

Swooned blog, Hill Country Glamour Style Shoot

Today our lace laser cut wedding invitations and gold 3D Bride and Groom names were featured on the Swooned blog! You can purchase these items at This style shoot was created by Pink Parasol Design and Coordination with photos by Al Gawlik. swooned_2

Swooned blog, Hill Country Glamour Style Shoot

Sofia Invitations on Wedding 101 Greenville Blog

Last week Wedding 101 in Greenville, SC featured photographs from the wedding of Maisie and Andrew…. which Sposa Bella Photography expertly shot, and included a photo of the wedding program I custom designed for them. I also worked with a local calligraphy to design their wedding invitations, which we letterpress printed. Here is the photo of the programs, and later I will share a photo of the invitations.


Sofia Invitations on Wedding 101 Greenville Blog

Modern Rustic Wedding Inspiration

Rustic weddings are beautiful, but you can also add a modern twist to make your day really special.  We hope you like our modern rustic wedding inspiration board.

Keep in mind, the modern rustic style can work for a woods wedding, indoor wedding, barn wedding, and more!


Etched wood table numbers by Host and Toast Studio

Laser cut tree wedding invitation with kraft paper and real wood by Sofia Invitations and Prints

Rustic bouquet by Krislyn Design

Wood ring pillow by Crearting 

Artistic and Rustic Grooms Wedding Ring by Mara Joyce

Boutonnieres with poppy flowers, photo by Delbarr Moradi


Modern Rustic Wedding Inspiration

Black and White Classic Calligraphy Letterpress Wedding Invitation

Here at Sofia Invitations and Prints, we try to make a nice range of rustic, modern, vintage inspired, and elegantly classic invitations.  Here is one of our favorites: it is certainly timeless and elegant, with a modern twist. Seen here printed in classic black on a luxurious white paper stock, this design can also be printed in any color to match your wedding.  Letterpress printing is the finest printing method available today, perfect for your special day! See more images of this design as well as pricing information in the Sofia Invitations Etsy shop here.


Black and White Classic Calligraphy Letterpress Wedding Invitation

Rustic Engraved Wood Veneer Tags

These beautiful engraved wood tags can be customized with your monogram or wording.  Perfect for adding that special touch to your wedding, event, or promotional piece.  You can order your tags today in the Sofia Invitations and Prints Etsy Shop through this link.


Rustic Engraved Wood Veneer Tags