Inspiration Board: Art Nouveau

Art nouveau has always been one of my favorite art periods.  I love the rich colors and repeating patterns (I studied textile design, so how could I not love this period in time?).  So many artists made work during this period, and so many artists today are still inspired by this period that it is easy to find beautiful images to draw for inspiration.  Here is my inspiration board for art nouveau.  I am working on an art nouveau style invitation…to be seen later..

art nouveau inspiration
Art Nouveau inspiration board by Sofia Invitations and Prints
  1.  Black and White bookplate:  Katharine Newbury (American, 1878-1973).
  2.  4 Women:  Alphonse Mucha
  3. Stationary:  Dream Street Papers Art:
  4. 4.       Peacock poster:  Poster by Albert Angus Turbayne for Macmillan’s illustrated Standard Novels (1903).
  5. 5.       Necklace:  Mia De Rocca:
  6. 6.       Art Nouveau Ring: Marlene Harris:
  7. 7.       Wedding dress:
  8. Art nouveau cake:
  10. Art nouveau tin:
  11. Bracelet:
Inspiration Board: Art Nouveau

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