Etsy Shops: Vintage Lace Inspiration

I am thinking about creating a vintage lace inspired wedding invitation.  I have been collecting lace for a long time now, my grandmother is always finding something to give to me.  These Etsy Shop owners have some awesome inspiration for using vintage lace in every day items:

vintage lace inspiration board by Sofia Invitations and Prints

Lace ornaments:

Lace necklace:

Lace head piece:

Lace bracelet:

Etsy Shops: Vintage Lace Inspiration

Modern Gothic Wedding Inspiration

The gothic era is full of bold patterns and rich colors.  Use modern day gothic design elements to set the tone for your wedding.  You can go daring with this, or play it a little safe!

gothic inspiration for your wedding or party
Modern Gothic inspiration board by Sofia Invitations and Prints

1)       Victorian inspired plates:

2)      Lace and Doily Plates:

3)      Blue jewel necklace:

4)      Scarlet Dress:

5)      Red rose hair pins:[0]=tags&includes[1]=title

6)      Candlebras:

7)      Mirror:

8)      Wedding cake:

9)      Wedding dress:

10)   Bouquet:

11)   Chandelier thank you card:

12)   Ring pillow:

Modern Gothic Wedding Inspiration