Minted Design Challenge: Gift Tags

I submitted my final designs for the Minted Gift Card Challenge.  I think they are better than my last post.  Check out the final designs here:

The next challenge I will be participating in is for wedding invitations!  Right up my alley!

Minted gift tags
Minted gift tag submissions by Sofia Sayer
Minted Design Challenge: Gift Tags

Minted Design Challenge: Holiday Gift Tags

I am taking on the next Minted Challenge:  to create holiday gift tags.  They have 2 size requirements, square and rectangular.  The gift tags can be with or without an uploaded picture option, and they are double sided.  Here are my sketches so far.  I see many changes that will be made to these.  Thoughts, anyone?

minted gift tags by Sofia Sayer
minted gift tags first drafts by Sofia Sayer
Minted Design Challenge: Holiday Gift Tags

Wedding Guest Book Posters

New items in my Etsy shop:  Wedding Guestbook Posters!  Have your wedding guests sign one of these beautiful posters to commemorate your wedding.  The poster size is 11 by 14 inches, recommended to be matted in a 16 by 20 frame… beautiful!  Customers can choose any of the designs for my invitations to be made into a custom poster.  Contact me for more details, and visit my Etsy page:

Tree Wedding Poster
Tree Wedding Poster by Sofia Invitations and Prints
Modern Floral Wedding Poster
Modern Floral Wedding Poster by Sofia Invitations and Prints
Bicycle Wedding Poster
Bicycle Wedding Poster by Sofia Invitations and Prints
Wedding Guest Book Posters

Inspiration Board: Art Nouveau

Art nouveau has always been one of my favorite art periods.  I love the rich colors and repeating patterns (I studied textile design, so how could I not love this period in time?).  So many artists made work during this period, and so many artists today are still inspired by this period that it is easy to find beautiful images to draw for inspiration.  Here is my inspiration board for art nouveau.  I am working on an art nouveau style invitation…to be seen later..

art nouveau inspiration
Art Nouveau inspiration board by Sofia Invitations and Prints
  1.  Black and White bookplate:  Katharine Newbury (American, 1878-1973).
  2.  4 Women:  Alphonse Mucha
  3. Stationary:  Dream Street Papers Art:
  4. 4.       Peacock poster:  Poster by Albert Angus Turbayne for Macmillan’s illustrated Standard Novels (1903).
  5. 5.       Necklace:  Mia De Rocca:
  6. 6.       Art Nouveau Ring: Marlene Harris:
  7. 7.       Wedding dress:
  8. Art nouveau cake:
  10. Art nouveau tin:
  11. Bracelet:
Inspiration Board: Art Nouveau

New Invitation: Watercolors

What do you think of this new invitation?  I was playing with my watercolors and got inspired to use a watercolor background as the theme for an invitation suite.  I think I am still toying with the fonts, layout, and color.  I would love to hear your thoughts!

a work in progress, please tell me your thoughts
Water Color Invite Sketch by Sofia Invitations and Prints
New Invitation: Watercolors

New Items: Wedding Art Prints

Give a custom designed art print to a couple for their wedding, your wife or husband for your anniversary, as a wedding day gift to each other, or an engagement gift!  Here is one art print that can be customized, see my Etsy shop for more:

wedding art print
Custom Wedding Art Print by Sofia Invitations and Prints
New Items: Wedding Art Prints

Wedding Invitation Font: Fan Script

To help make your wedding invitations and wedding decor (escort cards, table numbers, programs) unique, use a font that fits the feeling of your wedding.  This font is bold, fun, whimsical…. and can even be elegant.  By changing the colors of the font and the size, the feeling or mood changes as well.  Ask a wedding invitation designer or wedding planner to help you incorporation this font into your wedding.  The font is called Fan Script and is designed by Sudtipos Type.  Purchase the font at

Fan Script Font
Wedding Font: fan script
Wedding Invitation Font: Fan Script