My mission

I have been thinking about why I have started this business, what the style of Sofia Invitations and Prints is, and who is my audience.  For my own wedding, I wanted my invitations to be unique, reflect the “mood” of our wedding (a tropical and intimate wedding in Costa Rica), and reflect “us” as a couple.  Seeing that my husband and I are artists, it was easiest for us to create our own invitations to our liking.  I realize that not all couples have the time, energy, and skills to create their own wedding invitations.  Therefore, I strive to make a line of invitations (and custom invitations) for all couples that have a personal vision, a unique style, and feel that most of the invitations they have viewed online or in stores are “just not right for us!”

Meg Keen of A Practical Wedding sums this up well by saying:

  • Weddings can be laid back, and fun. No really.
  • Your wedding should be about celebration and joy, not about a bunch of made up “shoulds.

    Sofia and Bill Sayer dancing
My mission

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