Hot Pink Wedding Color Inspiration

So you’re having trouble putting together a color palette for your wedding. You want
something flirty, fun, but at the same time classy and feminine. So why not go with
hot pink? Now I know when you think of the word classy – hot pink is not the first color that comes to mind, but hot pink can give a wedding a bold statement while at the same time adding a classy touch to it with gold, light gray, and blush accents.


The nice thing about a hot pink color palette is that it can go along with several wedding
themes – rustic country chic, vintage, city chic, and so many others! Hot pink can be very bold…so it’s important to add necessary touches to make your wedding look naturally elegant – for example, you can add pearl earrings to the look to give your bridesmaids a more vintage look. Another way to tone down the bright, vivid color is to add subtle accents such as – light gray, blush pink, and a soft gold.
Wedding Party:
Cake Topper:
Pearl Earrings: Henri Bendel
Wedding Venue:
Shoes: Kate Spade

Hot Pink Wedding Color Inspiration

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